Welcome to the website of Christmas tree nursery ‘De Pinkgieter’. De Pinkgieter is a tributary to the stream ‘the Run’ and flows through the natural area called ‘Het Grootgoor’, which is also where our Christmas tree nursery is situated. De Pinkgieter is one of the three largest Christmas tree nurseries in the Netherlands and is based in Veldhoven, North Brabant. We offer over 300,000 Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes and with over 40 years of experience and craftsmanship, we are the best choice concerning service and quality. Our Christmas trees are cultivated with great care, love and passion. We supply to wholesales and garden centers, but also to individuals. We can offer a large amount of different trees. To help make you the right choice, we love to offer you a tailored advice. Our offer of trees extends from a small blue spruce in pot to a Norway spruce of over ten metres tall. In the section ‘Species’ you can find our best sold Christmas trees. De Pinkgieter delivers in clod, sawed off or in pot. If you want to request a tender you can fill out a tender form. For questions or remarks, you can send us an e-mail and get a reply in no time!