About us

Christmas tree nursery De Pinkgieter is a professional nursery with over 40 years of experience in the cultivating and nursing of Christmas trees. Our Christmas trees are pruned twice a year to enhance the fullness of the physique of the tree. The surroundings are ideal for the cultivating of quality trees, since we are situated in the valley of a stream. We cultivate these trees at our main nursery site: Abies Nordmanniana, Abies Fraseri and the Picea Amorika. All species are also pot-cultivated and sold at this site. Because we cultivate all of our Christmas trees on heightened growing ridges, we can ensure an exceptional quality of Christmas trees for our costumers. And because we manage our nursery in a fair and smart way, we are able to deliver our trees for a very sharp price. On top of that, all activities go on an efficient and smooth manner because of the large scale (over 300,000 Christmas trees) we operate on.